Brooklyn Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for Women’s Health

Our fast-paced western lifestyles pull our lives out of balance. Traditional Chinese Medicine principles and treatments offer us a way to regain and maintain our balance, while living our lives to the fullest. In my practice, I find that small changes to peoples’ lives bring the biggest results in the long run. Using acupuncture and herbs, diet, exercise, ergonomics, and more, I help people live healthier lives.

I am a general practitioner with a wide range of clinical experience in women’s health – including PMS, painful periods, infertility, IVF, pregnancy, pre-labor treatment, post-partum, perimenopause, hormonal acne –  and digestive disorders, sport’s injuries, repetitive stress injuries, migraines, men’s health, stop smoking, weight loss support, neck and back pain, stress management and more.

For more information about how Traditional Chinese Medicine can help you, please visit the contact page and drop me a line.

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Be Well!

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