Before I started treatments with Laura, I had been trying for 8 months to get pregnant and had suffered 2 miscarriages. Not necessarily such a big deal, unless you’re already 41 years old. After blood tests, I was told I had high FSH levels and that I should start injectable fertility drugs immediately.  Instead, I began a treatment plan with Laura.  After 3 months of acupuncture and herbs, not only did I get pregnant, but I went on to have an easy, uncomplicated pregnancy and birth a beautiful, healthy baby boy at age 42!

I first came to Laura after a friend recommended her to me and mentioned the success she had had with acupuncture. I had always wanted to explore acupuncture as a preventative method for health and medicine but was reluctant and hesitant without a referral.

My reasons for going in the first place were for general health and well-being and then discovered that acupuncture could also help with my PMS, hormonal acne and add balance in my life as I traveled a lot with my career.

Since working together with Laura my needs have changed over the last three years. She helped me get my body primed and ready for conception and the birth of my first child. It was a beneficial and I believe, necessary part of a healthy lifestyle I was living. I used herbs and acupuncture and my fortnightly visits became something I looked forward to.

As Laura explained to me, acupuncture is cumulative and best results are achieved when you go on a regular basis. My monthly visits keep my body and spirit maintained and functioning smoothly. I am always a lot less stressed when I finish a session with Laura.
-L.N., Brooklyn NY


I started going to Laura for help with really bad periods and for general wellness. My periods improved a great deal as did my well-being. I got pregnant really easily and she also treated me throughout both of my pregnancies. I would have to say that the most significant result from working with her is that I went into labor as I stepped off her table. She is amazing. She is such a thorough and great acupuncturist and someone who my husband and I hold dear to our hearts.
-Cindy C.


Before I came to Laura, I was experiencing severe sinus allergies about 9-10 months out of the year. I had often been misdiagnosed with sinus infections, put on antibiotics and sent home by doctors, to no avail. Due to the length of years that I had been dealing with my allergies, it took several months of sessions to achieve full recovery. But with a combination of acupuncture, herbal medicine, and dietary changes, Laura cured me! I now experience only slight symptoms once or twice a year for about a week before my body readjusts to the seasons changing. In the course of working with her, I also was amazed at the ability of acupuncture to deal with muscle injuries and common colds and flues. I recommend Laura to people regularly with high praise and no reservations!

I began to research methods and recommendations for achieving a successful VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) immediately after my first child turned breech and needed a surgical delivery. Laura came highly recommended from another friend/mother who had seen her throughout her pregnancy and had a much smoother birth.  At our first meeting, Laura listened attentively to my concerns and helped me through so many of the “standard” challenges and discomforts of carrying a child. She not only treated pain, but also advised me on diet and lifestyle changes that ultimately improved my wellbeing. By the ninth month, I was surprised at my health and vigor and found that my baby was in optimal position, ending in a successful, natural delivery. Thank you for helping my birth be such a magical experience!


I recently developed a condition that my gynocologist told me I’d have to take medication seemingly  for the rest of my life.  That seemed extreme to me as it was a minor nuisance that I knew must be treatable in some other way.  So I turned to Laura Gabbe.  After just one acupuncture treatment and some herbs, my “problem” was almost completely alleviated!  What’s more, it seemed to have improved some other areas that I thought were completely unrelated such as less anxiety and a more robust libido!

Thanks Laura, for your miracle works!

Before I started seeing Laura for acupuncture, I was in a great deal of physical pain. I had a compressed disc in my lower back, which was causing pain to radiate down my leg. Simple things such as walking, sitting, and sleeping presented great challenges. Along with these things came fear and depression – will this pain ever go away or is this something I’m going to have to live with?

I noticed immediate results as soon as I started having acupuncture treatments. The tightness in my lower back subsided, and my sciatica improved. When my pain subsided, I got my life back.

I also enjoyed my acupuncture treatments as a form of pure stress relief. I always felt better after leaving Laura’s office. I miss going to her now that I don’t live in the area.
-R. S.


There is an acupuncturist named Laura

Her needles, they don’t make you sore-a

She gives me acupunction

So my bowels can function

Now I’m not constipated no more-a.
-Kerin C.

“I initially began to see Laura to address my chronic acne problem, which I had been told by dermatologists could only be lessened through Accutane.  Not only has my skin drastically improved, but I have higher energy levels, more moderate PMS, better digestion (which I hadn’t even realized was an issue) and decreased levels of stress.  Laura is a very powerful healer and takes an engaged approach to her clients.  Through both accupuncture and herbs, Laura has put me back on track to a healthier life, which has subsequently increased my level of self-confidence.”
-Sarah B.